I provide inspirational talks to camera clubs with an emphasis on learning & development, sharing plenty of tips along the way. The talks are designed to be interactive and engaging to allow for fun debate but also sharing my own journey's highs and lows. My talk topics are set out below but I can also tailor presentations to suit a camera club's programme. If you would be interested in more information on these please get in touch.

A Little Island

The Intimate Landscape

While wide sweeping images can certainly have the 'wow' factor this talk concentrates on the details and how developing a keen 'seeing eye' can be hugely beneficial for both your photography and connection with nature. We will run through techniques on how to explore this mindful genre of landscape photography, looking at plenty of examples along the way.

Can't See the Wood for the Trees

A talk on the beauty and frustrations of woodland photography. This talk will provide lots of inspiration and tips on how to get the most out of woodland photography in all conditions while developing a considered approach in your photography. 

Abstract Autumn.jpg

How to Be Original

A talk on creativity, looking at ways in which you can develop your own 'voice' in what can seem like a crowded photography world. We'll discuss my steps to creativity and then look at a number of techniques to develop your own photography in new and exciting ways.

Removing Chaos

An engaging interactive talk on the ethics of removing clutter from your images. With no right or wrong answer this talk will help you develop your own thinking giving plenty food for thought. We'll then run through a number of technical tricks to remove objects in Photoshop.